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"After my first visit with Ashley I could walk 10 blocks back to my appartment! Before I couldn't even manage 2!"


"I never thought I would be able to play on the floor with my Grandchildren again. Thanks to the myofascial therapists at WPT, I can now!"



A Myofascial Release Treatment Center in Midtown NY

Welcome! Wholistic Physical Therapy P.C. is a Myofascial Release Treatment Center, with locations in Midtown Manhattan and Brewster, New York. It is owned and managed by its director and founder: Scott van Niekerk.

Call us if you have pain,
or are stiff and have low energy...because we are here to help you
return to the painfree active lifestyle which you deserve

Myofascial Release (MFR) and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) are gentle forms of stretching and balancing that have a deep, profound effect on the body's deep tissue. A WHOLE body / mind approach is used with myofascial release to reduce pain, restore movement, improve energy and function. All therapists are highly specialized and trained in this holistic therapy - myofascial release, which is the most effective form of bodywork available today. To learn more about myofascial release watch our Myofascial Release video Myofascial Release video. MFR can help You be free from pain once and for all!

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Myofascial & trigger point therapy"Why endure pain, when you can be FREE to live a painfree, active lifestyle?"


Treatment / myofascial massage sessions usually last one hour using our unique and effective style. Treatment plans differ, and are designed individualized to each person. They typically involve one to three visits per week. For particularly complex situations, an intensive - daily sessions - or even sessions involving multiple therapists - can be arranged

Depending on your "out of network" coverage, office visits may be insurance reimbursable.

newvideo icon See our Therapeutic exercise page for video clips of self-treatment sample ideas. Take control of your health and using myofascial release pain management strategies, free yourself from pain, starting today!

Click here to see us interviewed about Myofascial Release on Cable Television.

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Wholistic Physical Therapy
Brewster, NY and Midtown Manhattan

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